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Vive le Cinéma!

An English Community for French Film

Vive Le Cinéma!
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Welcome to "Vive le Cinéma", an English-speaking community for lovers of all types of French film. A few rules before you go:

1. Please take the time to introduce yourself after joining this community, by sharing your preferred name, age/location (if you wish - for networking purposes) and perhaps a list of your favourite French films.
2. When discussing a film, a link to its IMDB page is optional but helpful.
3. Please lj-cut posts containing spoilers for a film. Also, posts with many and/or larger images should also use a lj-cut, for those poor dial-up souls.
4. No flaming. Duh.
5. For the sake of discussion, proper grammar and spelling is preferred. Don't worry about this rule if English is not your first language.

Your moderator is: zutaloo

Bonne discussion!